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Chances are, you’re here because you found me through social media. Maybe you saw one of #PrayersForDaysThatEndInY I’ve been writing and sharing since January of 2017, or maybe you’ve seen some of the chats I’ve moderated on Twitter. However you got here, welcome. I’m glad you’re here.

Let’s talk. 

[Note as of 4/13/2018 – this site is being migrated to a new host, and while the technology is working itself out, we’re at barebones for content & layout! Hopefully this will only take a few days to work out. In the meantime, reach out to me via email or social media to chat.]

Presentations and Days of Learning

Looking for some inspiration for your community for evangelism? I’ll customize the presentation to what you need, whether it’s an all-day event or for just a few hours, for any size group. Need a retreat speaker or trainer? I’m an experienced, energetic preacher and teacher. Evangelism, faith formation, communication & digital ministry presentations can be developed into consultations that include communication audits and strategic plans.

Here’s a sample of the talks I give:

Social Media as a Tool for Evangelism
Meaningful and Mindful Social Media Use
Using Social Media to Pray
Creating a Strategic Plan for Communication & Digital Ministry
The Kyrie Project: Experiencing Mercy
Vocation & Ministry Discernment
​Whole Church & Intergenerational Faith Formation (based on the work of Maria Harris)

What’s a presentation with me like?

Energetic and encouraging, with an emphasis on moving beyond theory to creating a workable plan for your community. Honest and down-to-earth, drawing on personal stories and experiences. Occasionally, I will also break into song.

What are you like (aka my favorite people to work with)?

You’re curious and committed to trying something new, even if it feels strange or uncomfortable. You believe in sharing the Good News, because you believe in the Good News. And you like to laugh.

Projects, Collaborations and Communities

#PrayersForDaysThatEndInY – original prayers every Sunday evening and often through the week inspired by people’s posts and tweets.

The Kyrie Project – during Lent 2018 I coordinated a multi-author, interfaith exploration of mercy across contexts and experiences.

Online communities are one of my passions. I collaborate as part of the leadership and moderation teams for two weekly tweetchats #interfaithchat and #slatespeak. Previously, I also worked with the church and social media chat, #chsocm, and a health and spirituality chat, #hlthsp.

Selected Writing/Blog Contributions

Kyrie Project Finale // The Kyrie Project, 04/07/2018

I Will Repent, With God’s Help // The Slate Project, 12/05/2016

#24PropheticWords | Reclaiming My Christian Identity // The Slate Project, 12/08/2017

Mary Daly and The Invitation to Explore Wild Ideas About Inclusivity: A Memorial Reflection // The Open Tabernacle: Here Comes Everybody